Friday, September 3, 2010

Seuss Graduation

I had a request for a Dr. Seuss-themed graduation cake.  Now, due to copyright laws, there is only so much Seuss-ness one can put on a cake.  However, you can make a very Seuss-looking cake without actually doing any Seuss-ness at all.  Here's the inspiration picture I was sent:
Baker Unknown
Once again, we're trying to do this as much fondant- and gumpaste-free as possible.  The customer wants only two tiers, so we're doing the bottom two in our example today.  I decided the easiest way to do the bottom tier would to be to ice only the side blue:

Then add all the fluffly white goodness on the sides afterward:

I iced the top tier red, added some wonky striping on the side, and sat her right on top of the bottom tier:

Next, the it (arguably my favorite part of the cake... it just makes it so.. Seuss-y.  So I rolled out some gumpaste and cut a kite shape:

Then used the ever-useful Wilton Food Writer Pens to decorate my little kite:

So.  Cute.  I think so, anyway.  So now we place the kite on the cake, add a tail (with bows!) and little wind lines to make our kite float through the breeze:

Voila.  A Seuss-themed cake.  The customer has a Cat in the Hat graduation figurine to put on top, so if I get a photo, I'll post it up here.

That's all for today, folks.  Check back soon for more Cake in Progress.

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